History of the Car

One of a Kind, Handmade, Sudolee Phoenix Roadster

I have enclosed some photos of my car that I restored. The car was started in the mid fifties by Alfred Sudoll. The car is hand made and hand fabricated from an idea Alfred had.

The cars drive train, engine, transmission, rear and front suspension are out of an early fifty Henry J. Everything else was hand built and hand made. Steering wheel, windshield, grill, clutch, brake pedal, gas pedal and all linkage.

It has a cut and welded tubular frame with T rail on the bottom edge of the frame. He has the beginning of what you would call strut towers for front shocks. Tubular frame of body has a tubular body skeleton affixed to it. He attached Styrofoam to tubular body skeleton. Then he carved the body of the car using the Styrofoam as the form to layer the fiberglass over. This was the most time consuming part of making the car.

After completion Mr. Sudoll sent pictures to the NJ Motor Vehicles. The state inspector came down and inspected the car. He was issued a VIN number for it and classified it as a sports construction. Mr.Sudoll applied for the title and registration in 1963.

Alfred sells used cars. He only used dealer plates to run the car. He never applied for actual set of plates.

He sold the car on May 06, 1994 to a man named Julius, who now lives in Colorado. Julius had plans to restore the car. He never had the car retitled in his name. The car was sold to a man named Jerry. Jerry had plans to do the car over with the help of his friend, Andy. He never had the time to do it. He never had the car titled in his name.

I have been driving by this car for at least 5-6 years in Portland, PA. It sat behind a garage inside a fence with a cover over it. I went by one day and the cover was off the car and I thought, thats interesting. I went over and looked at the car. I got the phone number off the door. It was Andys number. (The man who owned the garage.) He said the car was not his. It was his friend, Jerrys. He called me back within a half hour and told me that Jerry is coming down. I said I would be right down. I called a tow truck, went to the bank and took out money. I went down and picked the car up.

Two days later I started the restoration. I did not have a clue how far I was going to go. I started with an idea of a 350. Some of my friends who have been in hot rodding for years said to keep it basically the way it was. I upgraded a few things including the custom upholstery in the car. The ride is between a horse, a motorcycle and a go car. It definitely stops traffic. People love the car.

Take note of the Harley Davidson parts. Headlights, taillights, blinkers and 2 front fenders. I finished up the Harley theme with Harley mirrors; mud flaps and fabricated a set of running boards.

The Kaiser Supersonic Flathead 6 was used for racing cars. Kaiser also commissioned McCulloch to build super chargers for his engines.

I sent pictures to Jay Leno asking him what he thought of my car. I knew he would get the pictures. A week and 3 days later after I sent the pictures and letter to him he called. He gave me a call at my shop. He gave my car the thumbs up. He asked me a lot of questions about my car. He told me he did not know how to classify it. That my car was in a class of its own. He liked the uniqueness of the car.


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